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How To Rid Lawns Of Moles

St Louis Mole Trapping helps Victims of Lawn Damage who often turn to Caster Oil and Electronic Sonic Mole Repellents for Pest Control when really Mole Trapper Exterminating is best.

Remove moles and voles

Chris The Mole Man and St Louis Mole Trapping provides some of St Louis' lowest cost mole, vole and gopher trapping services with both above ground and underground traps which are hidden from view.

Victims of mole, vole and gopher infestation can rid themselves of lawn mole damage, but not with Sonic Mole Repellents, Castor Oil, Car Exhaust or Rubber Mallets. While these methods of mole, vole and gopher pest control can be more fun. they're not as effective as a trapper.

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While St Louis does have a Long Term Soil Treatment for Moles, when trying to control this lawn critter on your own, there are some "Do's and Don'ts to be aware of:
  • Caster Oil:
    • The Good: Caster Oil is a natural bean derivative which makes mole food (grubs, ground worms, other larvae) temporarily taste badly. While the effects of caster oil are minimal at best and costly, at least doesn't worsen your infestation problem as other chemicals can.
    • The Bad: Castor Oil is somewhat costly for such a minimal and temporary effect; metabolizing within about 3-5 weeks. Since Moles are the natural predator of grubs, worms and larvae, their hunting helps to keep their populations in check. Once Moles are removed, these grub and larvae populations explode. And, once the Castor Oil has metabolized, grubs and other tasty larvae return to dominate this now vacant soil. As a result, mole infestation tends to return in greater numbers; drawn in by this increased population of mole food.
For a Long Term Soil Treatment that can last up to 2-3 years, read our friends at Mole Removal St Louis.
  • Sonic Mole Repellent:
    • The Good: Technically, Electronic Sonic Mole Repellers should be effective. Moles have very sensitive hearing, which is how they hunt in the dark soil. These sonic repellent rods send out a sonar signal intended to agitate moles' radar and drive them to less stressful soil. Technically, Sonar Repellents should be an effective mole deterrent system.
    • The Bad: Unfortunately, St Louis victims of Mole Infestation rarely find electronic sonic repellents to provide any real relief from lawn mole damage. And, like Castor Oil, once the natural predator (the mole) is temporarily gone, Grub and Worm populations tend to explode. This over population leads to such an attractive barrage of food sounds that moles finds far too enticing to let electronic sonic mole repellents get in the way. Moles tend to return...and often in far greater numbers.
  • Grub Killer:
    • The Good: Grub Killer will kill grubs in you lawn and maintain its pest control properties for several weeks.
    • The Bad: This form of mole control is actually one of the most damaging of all Mole Removal Methods! When you apply wide spread poisons, this not only kills grubs but it eradicates lots of other organisms in your yard. Your soil being a little like an ocean and throwing off the balance of its biology often leads to elevated levels of grubs in your St Louis lawn and can severely worsen your mole infestation problem.
  • Other Mole Removal "Home Remedies" to Avoid:
    • Flooding Them Out: Moles have extremely elaborate tunnels in very absorbent soil. These tunnels bob up and down, weave side to side, with intermittent plunges into burrows throughout their tunnel system. Moles have been avoiding floods far more severe than your hose could ever provide and, on top of it all, moles are excellent swimmers (see video).
    • Smoke Bombs: Certainly the most fun of them all, the explanation if its failure as a method of mole removal is much like the above Flooding Method of Mole Removal.
    • Chewing Gum: Moles have poor sight and hunt by the sound of larvae movement. Gum makes no sound and provides no scent indigenous to a Mole's diet.
    • Exhaust Pipe: Again, kinda fun to do, but this falls under the same "why not" category as Flooding and Smoke Bombs.
    • Poison Peanuts: While an effective way to kill moles, poisons are indiscriminate in what they kill. Local pets or wildlife smell, dig up and ingest the shallow, rotting, toxic caracas. Just one or two poisoned moles can injure the pet, while many more can kill it. Since you can't control how many animals eat this poison, unguarded toxins in the lawn carries too many risk factors with too little reward. We don't use it.
    • Shot Gun: Really?

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Every day, we get asked How To Get Rid Of Moles? When fighting moles on your own, there are some things that you should do to help control your mole infestation! 

Moles are attracted to certain Soil! Lawns that are overly treated with lawn chemicals, use lawn pest poisons (grub killer) or are under watered (or over watered) are more susceptible to mole infestation than other yards.

What to do:
    • Avoid Wide Spread Pesticides. They wipe out the lawn's natural biological balance and pave the way to Japanese Beetles and June Bugs to quickly swoop in and over populate a newly vacant lawn with Grubs.
    • Apply Fertilizer and Weed Control Only As Directed. Overuse can have a similar affect as the above described over use of lawn poisons. If you're in a neighborhood with mole populations, we strongly suggest hiring a skilled landscaper
    • Water Regularly!!!
      • If you have an in-ground irrigation system, be sure that it projects water to all corners of the property. And, most importantly, make sure that its water stream provides even coverage from head to the end of the stream. Be certain to use a skilled irrigation company that adjusts your head settings correctly!
      • If you don't have an in-ground system, we suggest inexpensive, above ground, automatic water timer system that can be stationary, hidden, easy to use and most of all...AUTOMATIC! You can get these from Lowes or Home Depot
While these methods won't likely solve your move infestation problems, they can be a way for homeowners to work in tandem with our mole trapping services play a part in their own success!

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