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St Louis Mole Trapping has many clients who rave about these Landscapers, Irrigation and Tree Removal companies. If you're in St. Louis, St Charles, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison or Monroe Counties, you can count on our friends for quality landscaping design, irrigation, lawn care and more.

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  • Water your lawn regularly: If you're not in the habit of watering the entire lawn 2x per week, then an in-ground irrigation system is optimal for this! By far, the best home remedy for mole removal is the proper condition of the soil and those who have an automatic irrigation system have the best chance for preventing mole infestation. If this applies to you, call a trusted Landscaper / Irrigation company to install or activate your in-ground irrigation system.
  • Keep Irrigation Heads Set Properly: Too often, clients who seem to be doing everything correctly have one glaring problem that's still contributing to their mole infestation: YOUR IRRIGATION HEADS (sprinklers) PROJECT TOO FAR and don't provide even distribution of the irrigation. If you have an in-ground irrigation system and you have moles, this is crucial: Call a quality Landscaper or Irrigation company to adjust your irrigation heads to get even irrigation coverage throughout your property! Any areas of your St Louis lawn that aren't covered by your irrigation are at serious risk of mole infestation!
  •  Avoid areas of your lawn that Retain Water: Moles are very attracted to areas of your St Louis lawn that retain water. Improper drainage is a Major Contributor to mole infestation. A quality Landscaping Design Service can solve this problem and help in your effort to become mole free!
  • Avoid the Over-Use of Lawn Chemicals: Your soil's biological makeup is a key feature to it's allure to moles and the improper use of Fertilizer or Weed Control is a major part of it. If you live in a neighborhood with mole infestation, it's a very good idea to Protect Your Lawn and Hire a Professional!
  • Moles and Voles do a tremendous amount of damage in St Louis Lawns: Once St Louis Mole Trapping has successfully trapped and rid your lawn of moles and voles, it's time to repair the lawn damage. Find a good Landscaping Design Service and get it done fast and correctly.
  • Tree Removal and Maintenance is also Important: Thinning out trees in your lawn can be critical in aiding in the removal of moles in your lawn: 
    • Often, moles are attracted to wet spots in the soil that don't get enough sun for proper soil respiration.
    • Deep and dense root systems can be a helpful part of creating unattractive conditions for moles. Healthy grass is difficult to grow with overgrown trees blocking out the sun.
In St Louis, Mole infestation is difficult to prevent. However, proper lawn care can play a part in your over-all effort of making your lawn as unattractive to moles as possible. And using the right Landscaper and Tree Removal Services can be a significant factor in your mole free success!

Here are some important tips to help in your effort of becoming mole free and how the right St Louis Landscaper can help:

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