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Vole Trapping Prices:

*Set Up: only $199

*Per Catch: only $49
(a 61% Savings).

50% Off if 10 catches exceeded
St Louis Mole Trapping
Vole Trapping

Vole Infestation causes Serious Yard Damage to St Louis Lawns. As a Low Cost Exterminator, we Trap Voles from your Lawn and Beds, Ending Damage Quickly, Easily and at the Lowest Trapper Pest Control Costs in St Louis.

St Louis Mole, Vole Trappers

Voles are often confused with mice in the lawn and with Moles. However, voles are very different. Their population can grow quickly and can cause tremendous lawn erosion damage (see images below).
*Moles create tunnels (1st pic) undermole tunnels ground, pushing
  rows of dirt up us they dig.

*Voles (a.k.a. shrews, meadow mice) create trenches
  (2nd pic) dug down into the lawn, often described as
  bicycle tracks zig-zagging through the muddy grass.

*Voles also create golf ball sized, mound-less holes throughout the
  • In addition to vole trenches, voles alsovole trench tend to follow closely behind mole infestation:
    • taking over abandoned tunnels.
    • making holes throughout the tunnel system.
    • making lawns susceptible to lawn erosion damage from water rushing through or over the holes and into the evacuate mole tunnels; eventually exposing the entire mole tunnel system.

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Mole Mound
Vole Holes
Mole moundvole holes in the st louis yard

lowest cost trapping services in st louis 

Vole (shrew, meadow mouse) Factoid:
  • Voles are normally confused with lawn mice.
  • Active 24 hrs/day, 365 days/yr.
  • Breed as early as 2 weeks old.
  • Breed throughout the yr, bare young up to 5 times/yr and have up to 11/litter.
  • Life span is up to 16 mos.
  • Love eating: Bird Seed, Plant Roots (especially Hosta), Grass Seed, etc.
  • Love living in: Abandoned Mole Tunnels and Mulch.

The World Bird Sanctuary urges you NOT TO USE POISON BOXES. Owls, Hawks and other birds of prey DIE EVERY DAY in St. Louis from eating toxic voles from this method of extermination, as do pets and other wildlife. Poisons are dangerous for your pets and for the environment, we don't use them!

How to get rid of Moles and Voles? St Louis Mole Trapping! We Focus on Offering St Louis the Best of Both Worlds: The Lowest Costs and the Best Trapping in St Louis Mole and Vole Pest Control.

All in one Yard Mole Removal Company providing Low Cost Mole and Vole Extermination Services to St Louis, County and City, St Charles Co and Jefferson Counties in Missouri and St Clair Co, Madison Co and Monroe Counties in Illinois.

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